Overview of the Instart Platform

Instart is a digital experience management platform that makes your cloud, web and mobile applications faster, safer and more profitable,

Instart's advanced client-cloud architecture decouples the network and hardware infrastructure from the software used to deliver applications. This enables Instart to deliver performance enhancements by virtualizing applications in the web browser, and providing fine-grained, holistic, end-to-end control of application components on the fly. This dynamic, programmable flexibility differs from FEO (Front End Optimization) technologies and other brittle techniques that rewrite HTML and JavaScript before delivering them.

Instart builds an interactive information loop with the client endpoint using the Nanovisor, a client-side JavaScript module that operates between the client browser's standard APIs and the content to be loaded. The Nanovisor extends itself transparently into the client browser to form the active client portion of Instart's dual-sided platform.

The Nanovisor reads standard browser API calls without changing the web page, the application, or the browser, and examines the load sequence of web pages, which makes each call available to the Instart service to be managed and optimized.

The Nanovisor library is added automatically as a standard HTML script tag, much the same way as other third-party libraries, like Google Analytics. Instart automatically adds this script tag to HTML pages as they are delivered, making integration seamless and unobtrusive to how the web page and its applications function.

The server side of the Instart platform resides in a globally-distributed proxy network. This network combines all the advantages of a standard CDN, such as caching web content around the globe to minimize latency, with the fine-grained optimization provided by the Nanovisor and its server-side logic.

The end result is a dramatic improvement in end-user experience and a richer, more immersive web experience over even the most congested wireless networks.

The Instart platform can be broken down into the following main topics:

  • CDN (optimized global network)
    The Instart infrastructure provides next-generation CDN capability, including global network distribution, global caching, network acceleration, backend server offload and traffic spike protection, platform APIs, security, and PCI Level 1 compliance.
  • Performance (content optimizations)
    Instart provides innovative web performance features that accelerate web application delivery performance across all devices, including mobile devices connected via wireless networks
  • Security (site protection)
    Instart provides additional protection from malicious attacks with multi-layered, end-to-end security.
  • Ad Recovery (ad blocker detection)
    The Ad Recovery system uses the client-side Nanovisor to detect the presence of ad blockers. When an ad blocker is detected, the platform encrypts and delivers all the elements of the page so their URLs encrypted and obscured. This renders ad blockers ineffective, as they can no longer search for patterns which would indicate a resource is related to advertising. The result is simply the experience that the web publisher intended to deliver to the end user, and typically increases ad revenue by 3-10%.

The Instart platform also provides RESTful APIs that allow you to interact with the platform. They allow you to do anything you can do with our customer portal web interface and more. Requests can be sent and responses received via any standard method in most common programming languages, with your favorite REST client, or from the command line using cURL.

The APIs are described in detail in the following documents: