How can you tell if traffic is flowing through the Instart platform?

You can verify that your web traffic is flowing through Instart's Digital Experience Management Platform in the following manner:

Traffic towards the origin:

For every HTTP request to the origin, we insert a X-Instart-Via header. The header looks like this:

X-Instart-Via: 1.1 SJC01-ACCEL09

The Host header defaults to whatever the browser requests with, but in can be configured to any custom value.

We also set the X-Forwarded-For header with the actual client IP. Please use that header to get this information.

Traffic towards the client browser:

For every HTTP response sent to the client, we insert a custom header with a unique ID. The header looks like this:

X-Instart-Request-ID: <random_number>:<encoded_text>:<timestamp_in_msecs>:<internal_number


The format of this header is subject to change. Please contact Support if you see a change in the format without having been informed about it beforehand.

For example:

X-Instart-Request-ID: 15236608593316189439:FWP01-NPPRY10:1424971024:313

If the response is from a cache hit, we also add another header: